Solutions to Influence Your Business

We will partner with you to identify the best course of action to positively influence your business. We can create custom instructional design solutions that are targeted to your specific needs. You can also take advantage of our powerful signature workshops to get the results you desire. Just click the button and get on your way to elevated performance today!

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Signature Services

 Leadership & Strategy  

It is time to give your sales teams the skills and confidence to engage customers and deliver on an "experience" that will have them come back for more. Our signature Customer Engagement workshop includes:

  • Organizational Assessment: Comprehensive review of current L & D strategies, measuring alignment with broader company objectives.
  • Personal L & D Leadership Assessment: In-depth analysis of the leader's capabilities, strengths, and areas of development.
  • Goal Setting & Strategy Session: Collaborative planning sessions to establish clear, actionable objectives for both the L & D department and the leader's personal growth.
  • Stakeholder Communication Strategy: Tools and techniques to foster effective stakeholder communication, securing necessary buy-in.
  • Tailored Growth Plan: Focused on personal strengths and challenges, ensuring leadership growth in areas that matter most.
  • Regular Coaching Sessions: Scheduled consultations to track progress, tackle arising challenges and adjust strategies as needed.
  • On-call Support: Direct access to expert advice, ensuring timely solutions to pressing issues.

Strategic & Creative Learning Program Design

You want efficient, effective, transformative learning that gets you results. We will partner with you to build a custom, prescriptive learning program that maximizes your investment and time: 

  • Learning Needs Assessment: In-depth analysis to identify precise training requirements.
  • Custom Program Design: Tailored programs leveraging solid ISD principles, creative multimedia (video, eLearning, gamification), and cultural relevance.
  • Strategic Alignment: Ensuring seamless integration with broader business strategies, learning priorities, and organizational culture.
  • Measurement & Continuous Improvement: Implementing robust measurement tools for result tracking and ongoing program enhancement.

Dynamic Facilitation &
Presentation Mastery

Are you ready to shine in front of any audience? This workshop is great for leaders who facilitate meetings, trainers who want to be affect behavior change, and presenters who deliver big presentations. 

  • Comprehensive Training: In-person, live, and video modules covering effective communication and facilitation skills, with real content simulations.
  • Skill Assessment: Pre- and post-assessment of communication and facilitation skills for a tailored program and results tracking.
  • Resource Library: Access to a rich collection of facilitation and presentation tools, templates, and sample agendas.
  • Personalized Coaching: Individual coaching sessions to enhance voice skills, stage presence, storytelling, technology, visual aids, and handling disruptions.

Methodologies for Success

Effective Communication with Everything DiSC®

Everything DiSC┬« is an assessment-based learning experience that deepens self-awareness, inspires appreciation of others, and fosters effective collaboration in the workplace. Backed by over 40 years of research, you┬ácan expect customizable solutions that meet your organizationÔÇÖs unique training needs. Start your organization on the path from personalized insight to cultural change today.

Building Cohesive Teams

The Five Behaviors® solutions can help you activate your team's ability to drive results through cohesive teamwork, whether it is with the Personal Development solution which helps individuals learn the skills they need to "team" effectively, or the Team Development solution which helps intact teams gain the know-how to work better together.

Performance Management with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence skills are critical for building relationships and teams, resolving conflict, solving problems, leading effectively and building resilience. The EQ-i 2.0 provides you with a detailed assessment of your areas of strength and potential areas for development. You will receive a comprehensive report describing how your EQ competencies work together for effectiveness. It also provides suggested strategies for bringing your EQ competencies into balance for greater effectiveness.


Creative Group Brainstorming

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method is a scientifically developed and thoroughly tested creative tool for strategy, team, personal and organizational development. This approach is used to help teams break through creative roadblocks, spark conversation and ideation, and reach innovative strategies for improvement.